Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Listened your silent eyes

Breaking the transparent falsehood,
Your golden silence lead me to a flight of fancy;
You emerged as a new thought,
Laying all night on your speechless bed.

A ray of dark light opened the lock of pound,
I too gaze in your eyes without sound.
I entered into the temple kissing the door,
Had imagined it a lot before.

Your face was as blank as unwritten verse
I could not get it was boon or curse.
When I was deep in the cave under mountains,
Drink some water, feeling the fountain.

I searched it deep all around
You too were bound to get its sound.
My honest toil went in vain,
I did it again and again.

flooded in confusion, shame, remorse and despair
I listened your silent eyes...Oh! I was not there!!!!